“Feel yourself drawn by the stronger pull of what you truly love.” ~Rumi


Explore the power and mystery of Connection

  • To Self – your Inner Being
  • To Others – in Groups and Communities
  • To The World – Humanity and the Biosphere

The Grove is a growth community on a journey to explore  life mysteries. We empower individuals to hone and share their unique life as an evolving work of art and wonder. Join us to become a “Life Artist” in the company of fellow journeyers.

“The Grove community experience is one of learning to trust the process of true intimacy, growing in our understanding of differences in learning styles, experiences and natures.”

Celebrating the Sacred Through Song and Chant

September 12, 13, 14

How does music move us in ways nothing else can?

This weekend will open us to the harmonies that can reach into our souls. Learn more about Celebrating the Sacred Through Song and Chant>>